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ERGA report on territorial jurisdiction in a converged environment

« The notion of territorial jurisdiction determines which Member State’s regulation shall apply to a certain audiovisual media service. » Source :

Ofcom mulls TV & telecoms deregulation

« The new boss of Ofcom says there is a need for deregulation in television and telecoms to reflect changes in media consumption. » Source :

Livre vert sur la convergence : le Parlement européen dévoile ses orientations stratégiques

Aline Franck ‘s insight: La réponse du CSA à la consultation qu’avait lancée la Commission européenne sur ce Livre vert :  Source :

The connected television debate in OECD countries

« Today’s post is from Rudolf Van der Berg of the OECD’s Science, Technology and Industry Directorate. Thirty years ago last week, a US Supreme Court decision in the “Betamax case” clarified that eve… » Source :

Commission establishes a European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services

« The European Commission has formally established a group of EU Regulatory Authorities in the field of Audiovisual Media Services. The Group brings together heads or high level representatives of national independent regulatory bodies in the field of audiovisual services, to advise the… » Source :

Consultation publique sur le Livre vert de la Commission « Se préparer à un monde audiovisuel totalement convergent: croissance, création et valeurs »

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