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USA : 1 jeune sous 3 regarde plus la TV linéaire

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Study of TV Viewers Backs Twitter’s Claims to Be Barometer of Public Mood

« Twitter might not be a window into the soul, but it does provide a clear view into what grabs our attention on television, according to new research being published this week. » Source :

The FCC’s vote to protect net neutrality Is a huge win for the Internet

« In an historic 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission said it would change the way the nation’s internet service providers are regulated. For net neutrality advocates the vote is a major victory; for the nation’s internet service providers, a rebuke. » Source :

Les shows TV d’humoristes plus efficaces que l’info (officiel)

« En matière d’instruction civique, mieux vaut aujourd’hui compter sur les humoristes que sur les médias historiques. » Source :

Fewer People Than Ever Are Watching TV

« People are watching more online video on their computers, smart TVs and multimedia devices » Source :


A survey of  » 2,000 Americans ages 18 and over to gain a better understand of how they consume online video and respond to video advertising. We examined their habits across channels and devices. In addition, (…) the content categories and specific criteria that drive the most engagement. » Source :