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What will Brexit mean for film and TV businesses operating in the UK?

« Olswang’s Media group examines some of the key potential outcomes of that result for media businesses operating in or from the UK in its latest report: » Source :

Ofcom: 30% of UK adults think TV is getting worse

« Some 30% of UK adults thought that the quality of TV programming got worse in 2015, according to new research by Ofcom. » Source:

Want to know the broadband speed in your home? Check this street-by-street map

« Every family in Britain is able to check the average broadband speed on their street for the first time to check if their service is too slow. » Source :

Measuring Inequalities in a Digital Britain

Source :

Is it the long-term destiny of the BBC to remain an inclusive public service?

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Ofcom mulls TV & telecoms deregulation

« The new boss of Ofcom says there is a need for deregulation in television and telecoms to reflect changes in media consumption. » Source :