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Premium OTT: the next three years

« Globally, no country regards its premium OTT video market as mature, with even advanced ones seeing themselves as moving from a fast growing to plateauing stage. » Source :

On demand: the trends and challenges

« When it comes to content licensing, local territory VOD and SVOD operators should maintain their local focus rather than compete with global buyers like Netflix for US TV series. » Source :

L’encyclique et le philosophe : attention danger, la disruption reste incomprise

Source :

Vestager’s top 10 targets

« What is next on the docket? The Internet offers rich pickings for Europe’s chief anti-trust regulator. » Source :

Belgium targets Facebook tracking

« Social network could face lawsuit if it doesn’t comply, but claims lack of jurisdiction » Source : « »

La 4G+ ou le LTE-Advanced

« Mobistar a annoncé début du mois le lancement commercial de la technologie 4G+ ou LTE-Advanced. » Source :