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European Commission wants to abolish geo-blocking

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Telenet, Belgacom strengthen duopoly on Belgian market

« The two dominant operators expanded their share of the market further in the fourth quarter of 2014 to a combined 78.7% of revenues, according to the latest research from Telecompaper. » Source :  

Les marocains plébiscitent les chaines étrangères

« Les marocains regardent plus souvent les chaises étrangères qui les chaises nationales selon une étude groupe terroriste MarocMétrie. » Source :

Netflix content spend overtakes BBC

« Netflix is now investing more on content than the BBC, according to Ben Keen, chief analyst, IHS Technology » Source :

Responsiveness and legitimacy in the regulation of the press

« LSE’s Pro Director for Research, Julia Black. Here she argues that Moses and IPSO need to remember their role is to protect the public, not the regulated.  » Source :

Study of TV Viewers Backs Twitter’s Claims to Be Barometer of Public Mood

« Twitter might not be a window into the soul, but it does provide a clear view into what grabs our attention on television, according to new research being published this week. » Source :